We are a volunteer organization committed to safety. We conduct Defensive Driving courses and 55-Alive courses in Saskatoon and surrounding area, and also provide information on home and playground safety.


The organization known today as the Saskatoon and District Safety Council began more than 50 years ago.


Following the 1955 Canadian Highway Safety Council national convention in Ottawa, City Councillor Sid Buckwold called a meeting to organize a safety committee in Saskatoon. Carl McLeod, City Councillor Bert Sears, Tom Quigley, Police Chief Jim Kettles, Ian Brand, Reverend Don Browne, Jack Wood, Jack Cooper, Jack Greening, and Jock Murray established the safety council, then called the Saskatoon Traffic Safety Council, with Rev. Don Browne as President, Carl McLeod as Secretary/Treasurer and Tom Quigley, Bert Sears, Jack Wood and Jack Cooper as members of the executive committee.


By November, 1962, the executive of the Saskatoon Traffic Safety Council had proposed an "all-inclusive safety council", one that would include representation from a wide range of interests in the community. The council appointed a steering committee of the Saskatoon Traffic Safety Council, City Council, the Department of Public Health, the Fire Department, the Home and School Association, the Fish and Game League, the Farm Section, Driver Training, the Public School Board, the Occupational Division, and the Saskatoon Council of Women.


By May, 1963, the Saskatoon Safety Council was formed. The following month, at the end of June, the organization was formally named the Saskatoon and District Safety Council, a name chosen to reflect the broad constituency and membership base of the organization.


At its inception, the new Saskatoon and District Safety Council leadership included: Bert Sears, President; L.E. Jule, Secretary; W.H. Irvine, Treasurer; and Alderman Tom Quigley, City Council representative. Officers included: Mayor Sid Buckwold, Patron; Police Chief Jim Kettles, Honorary President; Bert Sears, President; Mrs. O.O. Jackson, First Vice-Present, representing the Saskatoon Council of Women; Tom Quigley, Second Vice-President; L.E. Jule, Secretary; and W.H. Irvine, Treasurer. Division Chairmen were: Tom Quigley (CPR), Traffic; J.A. Freeborn (Saskatoon Council of Women), Farm; John Hamilton (Acme Industries), Recreation; Jack Cooper (Fire Dept); Home; Ed Hlasny (Workers Compensation Branch), Occupational; and Bill Loran (Separate School Board), College and School.


In 1967, the year of Canada's Centennial, the Saskatoon and District Safety Council became one of the first organizations in Canada to embrace the Canada Safety Council's new Defensive Driving Course. The eight-session course was taught for the first time in Saskatoon in the first quarter of 1967.


In April, 1968, the Saskatoon and District Safety Council was recognized as the most active and best organized council in Canada. Leonard Bowman, General Manager of the Saskatchewan Safety Council, announced the achievement at the Saskatoon and District Safety Council annual general meeting.


In 1975, the Saskatoon and District Safety Council introduced the Canada Safety Council's new Motorcycle Training Course.


In 1985, the Saskatoon and District Safety Council was recognized for its efforts in promoting the Neighbourhood Watch program. The program had been promoted as part of a Health and Safety Fair sponsored by the Saskatoon and District Safety Council.


The Saskatoon and District Safety Council has been an important part of the community and surrounding district for over 50 years. The Safety Council looks forward to serving the citizens of Saskatoon and area for another 50 years — and longer.


Source: The information on this page was compiled from newspaper clippings, meeting minutes and other public information donated to The Local History Room of the Saskatoon Public Library.


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