Courses - 55Alive Driving Refresher

Renew Your Driving Skills for Today’s Traffic

“I’ve been driving for a long time. Why should I take a driving course now?”

To update your driving skills. Even if you haven’t been involved in a collision in 40 years, it may be time to review your driving skills. With aging, changes occur in hearing, vision, flexibility and reaction time. You can learn to adjust your skills to compensate for those changes.

Do Any Of These Situations Bother You?

  • Entering or exiting a highway
  • Changing lanes on the highway
  • Passing
  • Parking
  • Left Turns
  • Yielding the right of way
  • Night driving
  • Winter driving
  • The frustrations of today’s complicated traffic environment

If so, you will benefit from taking the 55 Alive Driver Refresher Course.

“Driving helps me keep my independence – 55 Alive helps me protect it.”