Professional Driver Improvement Course

Professional Driver Improvement Course

PDIC helps professional drivers improve their defensive driving techniques.

The course consists of six one-hour sessions in a classroom setting. The Driver’s Notebook contains case studies, driving tips and other useful information, in addition to the course. The course content covers defensive; driving techniques, passing, collision prevention, driving conditions, turns, backing driver awareness and impairments, and vehicle inspections.

As an employer, you already have a large investment in your drivers, and this course will help them to:

  • reduce collisions,
  • reduce vehicle abuse
  • reduce injuries, and
  • reduce operating costs.

PDIC will teach your drivers defensive driving techniques that will help them:

  • prevent collisions,
  • save lives,
  • deliver cargo safely and on time,
  • reduce costs, and
  • maintain good driving habits.

An Instructor Kit includes:

  • instructor manual with binder,
  • set of six 10 minute videos
  • posters and pamphlets
  • a student workbook, and
  • a student graduation card.


  • Reduces Operating Costs
  • Reduces Collisions
  • Reduces Sick Leave, Insurance and Other Benefit Payments Related to Traffic Collisions.
  • Reduces vehicle abuse and maintenance costs
  • Increases customer satisfaction with on-time deliveries and undamaged product
  • Increases morale


  • Defensive Driving Techniques
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Collision prevention
  • Turns
  • Road markings
  • Passing
  • Driver awareness & impairment
  • Backing
  • Tires